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                     Journaling offers a safe space to have an inner discourse with yourself. You can work out internal and external issues and have a record of your thoughts and reactions.  You can use it as a document that tracks your growth and mindset evolution. There are no rules or barriers to your self-expression. Answering deep topical prompts can lead to stream-of-consciousness writing that has therapeutic benefits. Writing about your thoughts, internal struggles, questions, and experiences can be an outlet of release as well as a sounding board. Journaling allows you to keep your thoughts private or easily share them. 

Prompt 1

Who are the people in your life that understand you the best? How did this understanding grow?

Prompt 2

What can you do to connect with more people socially?

Prompt 3

If you could change one of your past actions, what would it be and what would you do differently? Why?

Prompt 4

Who is your role model? Why do they play an important role in your life?

Prompt 5


What makes a happy memory for you? What makes a sad memory for you? Is each set similar or different from each other?

Prompt 6


What do you think is more important, inner beauty or outer beauty?

Prompt 7

If you could tell your past self one advice, what would it be and why?

Prompt 8


What are some ways you motivate yourself to reach your goal ?

Prompt 9


Which animal do you think describes you and why?

Prompt 10


Who makes you feel safe and happy? Why?

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